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Advanced Enviro-Septic Treatment System 04/12/2019


Stocking distributor of Advanced Enviro-Septic Type 2 treatment pipe by Presby Environmental. This system, certified by NSF and BNQ, is totally passive requiring no pumps, controls or any power. We even have a mechanical dose counter option installed in a …

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Ultra Low Profile Pump Tank 04/12/2019

Big Bertha Bobble Tank

Premier Plastics Inc. is pleased to announce the following new product: ULTRA LOW PROFILE PUMP TANK 470 Imp. Gal pump tank. This tank is specifically designed for septic installations where the grades dictate an ultra-low profile pump chamber. Save on shipping and …

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Mechanical Dose Counters DC3 & DC4 01/15/2018

Flout Dose Counter Model DC4

Flout Dose Counter Model DC3 & DC4 by Rissy Plastics, LLC The DC3 Counter is a mechanical tally counter for monitoring the fill/empty cycle of a dosing chamber or similar vessel. It requires no batteries or wiring. It is immune …

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Flout Dosing Tank for doses down to 12 gallons 01/09/2018

Flout tank picture FLT B50

FLOUT DOSING TANK for doses down to 12 gallons: Model FLT B50 : 50 IMP GALLONS Model FLTU B60: 60 US GALLONS For flood dosed or pressure septic fields. Exposes entire field to effluent. Increases efficiency and life of field. Less cost and more reliable …

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New cutoff saw for ULTRARIB Tank Riser installations 11/01/2017

Cutting Ultra Rib Pipe

ULTRARIB Tank Riser installations made easy with new cutoff saw Problem free access in the long term PREMIER PLASTICS is recommending our customers use 24” dia. UltraRib pipe risers for all models of PREMIER underground water and septic tanks. This riser configuration …

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New Product – 375 Gallon Raindrop Tank 10/01/2017

Raindrop tank

375 GALLON (1700L) RAINDROP TANK MODEL RT375   81”L x 34”W x 48”H nominal dimensions Lightweight, heavy duty, single piece polyethylene. A slim, low profile tank with no structural ribs, holes or framing Filled weight approx. 3,900 lbs. Patent Pending Applications: Low profile above ground …

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Tank Riser Options 08/02/2017

Tank Riser Options pic

Ultrarib & Polylok Riser Options for all below ground models of septic tanks and water cisterns. Click here for the pdf version of the Tank Riser Options.

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Updated Underground Tank and Riser installation instructions 08/01/2017

Underground Tank Installation picture

We have updated our Underground Tank and Riser installation instructions. You have now also the option to have risers pre-installed at the factory. Complete installation instructions can be viewed at You can also download the pdf version.

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PREMIER PLASTICS ANNOUNCES 3 NEW EXCEL DESIGN/PERFORMANCE APPLICATIONS. -  All Easy to Use, Very Fast and no Fees.     GRAVITY 2017 Performance Evaluation for ‘FLOUT’ Gravity Powered Pressure Septic Fields. (Type A) Graphic Introduction Sheet Guideline for use Sample Worksheet QUICKSTEP 2017 Effluent Pump Sizing for Septic Fields …

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