Harvesting Rainwater For Outside Use

Rain water harvesting - watering for outside use

Harvesting rainwater for outdoor use is the most common and simplest rainwater system to set up. You can use stored rainwater to:

  • Water Your Shrubs
  • Water Your Trees
  • Water Your Lawn
  • Wash Your Car and Windows

 What You Need:

  •  High Quality Properly Sized Storage Tank
    … is the most important part of your system.
  • A Coarse Screen or Filter
    will keep bugs and leaves out of your tank, and a finer filter will reduce sediment that will otherwise need to be cleaned out of the bottom of the tank periodically.
  • An Overflow Drain
    – which redirects water back into the roof drain when the tank is full – will prevent spills and water damage.

Tanks, Filters & Accessories to Harvest Rainwater can be found here