About Our Water Tank & Septic Tank Company

Premier Plastics Inc. is a Canadian owned manufacturing company incorporated in 1989. Our primary business is rotational molding of polyethylene products including Water/Chemical Tanks, Rainwater Tanks and Septic Tanks, Traffic Safety Barricades and Secure Bicycle Lockers.

We operate from Company owned premises in Delta, British Columbia, 10 miles south of Vancouver – 10 miles north of the US border and 150 miles north of Seattle, Washington State.

In the production process the company focus is quality control, consistency and leading edge technical ability.

In sales and marketing the focus is customer service, product availability and dependability.

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Please watch our video above: “Welcome to Premier Plastics” – Many Thanks to Sustainability Television – [email protected]

Meet Our Team

Reception – Suzanne Gerevas

Suzanne came to us in 2012. She brings experience in warehousing, retail sales, customer service and store management. Currently she manages the front office handling inquiries, purchase orders and liaison with production. For recreation she enjoys yoga and hiking.

Plant Manager – Sam Dawson

Sam joined Premier Plastics in 1992 having worked previously in the boat building industry. He started as an apprentice machine operator and now manages all aspects of the roto-molding operation. Sam enjoys ice hockey and is very active coaching a local team.

President – John Richardson

John started Premier Plastics in 1991 after many years in the HVAC industry designing mechanical systems for commercial buildings and mine sites. Moving from consulting to manufacturing brought a broader scope of opportunities in innovation and customer service. This business is his passion. John enjoys cycling and skiing.


R.D. – Lake Country, BC

"Hey John, nice picture of my site. That was a good job. It turned out very well".

J.J. – Sequim, WA

“The Flout dosing system works great. The Installer was very impressed with how easy it was to install and the Owner was happy with the cost and no electricity. I will use this product every chance I get.

We ended up with 5’ of residual head (3’ of squirt height out of cap)

Here are some pic’s

Thanks for everything,”

D.R. – Powell River, BC

“Attached are the two photos showing the squirt height from my first installation of a flout chamber. As you can see in the one photo the squirt height is greater than 24 inches. The chamber is hard to see but is located just behind the pickup about eighty feet from the field with a height above the field of about 4 feet. It works great. Thanks”

S.C. – Denman Island, BC

“Just wanted to tell you I designed a system around the flout for the Affordable Housing  Association here on Denman and it worked like a charm. Your worksheet worked well and the dose pressured up the field evenly for about 3 minutes. I called the person who will be living in the house, he went and saw the squirt test and was impressed with the whole idea of dosing with no electricity as he is the one who will be paying the bills!
Cheers and thanks,”

T.P. – Canton, OH

“We actually chose the option with the 2” transport  pipe without the vent, instead of 3”.  It worked just as the tables predicted.  Thank you very much!  You took the mystery out of the design.  As far as the State Health Department is concerned, Rebecca Fugit oversees the sewage program at the state.”

B.S. – Nanaimo, BC

“Here are the pictures from the Prospect Road project. Thanks again for all your design help. As you know, I was skeptical as to the function and design of this new technology, but I was extremely impressed with how it turned out, and the incredible squirt height that it provided. I will be using this method of pressurizing a septic field on my next available sewage system design.
Thanks again for all your excellent help.”

D.P. – Quadra Island, BC

“Thank you John. The install went very well. (I haven’t installed the counter yet.) Easy to set up and it works great! It’s a marvel. I am now officially your biggest fan!”

S.C. – Hornby Island, BC

“50 orifices at 3/16”, 7.5’ from top of dosing tank to field, 51’ of 2” PVC total transport. When I did your worksheet, it all seemed like it would work and it works really well!”

L.M. – Vacaville, CA

“So the flout did function with a 7-foot residual score as expected then it might have been an airlock so with that vent standpipe we were to mitigate that problem, got our final inspection to pass and are on the second flout install which will be going in next week. In another jurisdiction I will be specifying the same setup on a hillside project and hope to get a second order in to you before the holiday rush”

T.L. – Kelowna, BC

“Had a 24in squirt at project with about a 5ft head. Can email pictures later.”

D.P. – Quadra Island, BC

“Everything worked great! Still can’t believe how simple it is and how much it saves the customer. Sent a video along I thought you might like. Thanks again for all your support. And by the way, I pulled the manager and assistant manager at Andrew Sheret out to look at your tank and give them the big sales pitch. I’m working for ya.”

B.R. – Vernon, BC

“The Flout did exceptionally well. I may be giving a talk to the membership at the WCOWMA AGM.”

I.R. – Thetis Island, BC

“I have tried the flout program you sent me previously on a couple systems, one is constructed and it worked well for that.”

D.P. – Quadra Island, BC

“So here is the squirt test on my job that you and I discussed. Worked just as you said. The black ring on the shovel handle is 2’ off the ground. It still amazes me. (Even though I didn’t hoop and holler this time)”

B.E. – Kootenays, BC

“I used the spreadsheet Gravity Powered Pressure Dosing System Calculator for the pressurized system and it works very well. I got it from the website. Thanks again.”

R.D. – Lake Country, BC

“It was good to see you again John. We like your products and will continue to use them.”

J.H. – Vancouver, BC

“I had occasion a few days ago to require a very small plastic part that I had difficulty finding in various outlets in the Vancouver area. I received mostly disinterest at those centres which I visited because either they didn’t care or didn’t know. I would guess the former.

As a last resort I discovered Premium Plastics and received assistance from John Richardson, the president no less who had far bigger issues to deal with than the trivial problem I presented, that made absolutely no difference, John patiently helped me as though it was a thousand dollar transaction. That treatment was more important to me than the part I obtained, although I needed it badly. Incidentally John gave me, not sold me the part

W.S. – Silverton, BC

“Hello John, Today I got the Water Tanks delivered. I am so happy with the work you did. Everything is exactly as we talked and better. Thank you very much.”

K.W. – Eastsound, WA

“My home has six of your VU 2340 storage tanks, which I have been very happy with.  I am wanting to add another two tanks to increase our storage capacity and wondered how best to purchase them in the US.”

B & M – Bowen Island, BC

“We were in yesterday and we just want to say thank you very much. The tank is in and we are extremely impressed with the service you gave us, and Sam as well. Thank you so much for your time. Everything is exactly what we asked for and there couldn’t be a better customer relations organization than you guys have, that’s absolutely wonderful and we really do appreciate it. Thank you.”

P.C. – Cranbrook, BC

“On behalf of the Mountain View District Camp Committee, we would like to sincerely thank you for your donation towards our camp. It is with donations such as yours that we will be able to complete the camp for all our adults and youth to enjoy for years to come. Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness.”

P.J. – South Slocan, BC

“I don’t have any concerns about Premier’s products. But as you know, I’m a fan and satisfied customer. It is the only brand of tanks I use in my designs.”

S.R. – Cranbook, BC

“Thanks very much for your Partnership with Emco as it makes a difference dealing with a great company and with great products. Our customers buy from us for the service we provide with you folks’ help and support.”

T.S. – Winlaw, BC

“Thanks for your great products and support. Love those tanks. Keep up the great work.”

D.B. – Kelowna, BC

“Thank you so much for the great customer service this year.”

D.B. - Kelowna, BC

D.H. – Crawford Bay, BC

“Much appreciated are your quality tanks”

E.G. – Kodiak, AK

“I have been using your tanks on Kodiak Island for a number of years and have not seen any better tank on the market.”

P.J. – South Slocan, BC

“I continue to spec your septic tanks and Flout tanks as they are ‘bombproof’. I recently designed a system for a new gas station / convenience store using 3 of your septic tanks plus a FLT380 dosing tank.”

D.R. – Kaslo, BC

“Thanks so much for your rapid follow up- that’s why we follow Premier Plastics.”

P.J. – South Slocan, BC

“I just want to say I am impressed by the strength of this tank and will continue to use Premier Plastics tanks for my septic installation. Please continue making them tough.”

T.S. – Winlaw, BC


Nice Job on the GRAVITY-2017-Gravity-Powered-Pressure-Dosing-Calculator-for-Septic-Fields-2017-Revised

Super easy. Thanks

D.B. – Coldstream, BC

John Richardson

Attached is your document showing your numbers and my spreadsheet numbers - very close.

Shows that we both are right - I do it on paper and you did on site tests.


D.P. – Quadra Is., BC

Hi John, I wanted to write a thank you for the support you have given me. I’ve pulled the plug on my business after 40 years but I want to acknowledge those that have helped me along the way, you being one of them. It was a pleasure finding you. I thought you went above and beyond in support for my business and I really appreciate your help.

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