Rainwater Harvesting Products

Which style and size of tank(s) do I need?

Here is your solution for: Rainwater Collection, Rain Barrels, Rainwater Storage, Potable Water.

Premier Plastics has over 25 years of experience manufacturing light weight, high strength, and corrosion free polyethylene storage tanks. We create ideal systems to harvest rainwater for outside use, toilet flushing, and potable water.

Our plastic tanks are manufactured to the highest engineering standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability in every product. All tanks are CSA and NSI/NSF 61 certified for drinking water, are ultraviolet stable, environmentally safe and fully recyclable.

Tanks are not designed for external water pressure and must always be vented to atmosphere.

We will be happy to take your calls on any piping or connection questions you may have.

Above ground tanks are warranted for 8 years, but you can expect many more years of trouble free service. Select the tank(s) that will suit your needs from our comprehensive range of sizes and styles. All dimension and weights are approximate.

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