New Application for Gravity Powered ‘FLOUT’ Septic Field Dosing 06/28/2016

Get instant evaluation of expected site/system performance (squirt height) using your hand held device or office computer.  This program is based on experimental data.  Try it out yourself – just enter system parameters into the input boxes of this easy-to-use program and click return.  Parameters can be changed to fine tune the design if necessary.  We will be happy at the factory to discuss your potential ‘FLOUT’ dosing project.

If you have a site where the dispersal pressure field is seven or more feet below the outlet of the on-site Septic Tank you could make BIG savings in cost, maintenance and headaches compared to the pump tank alternative.

‘SQUIRT 2016’ Gravity Powered Pressure Dosing Calculator

Guideline for ‘SQUIRT 2016’ Dosing Program