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Premier Plastics Inc. has 25 years’ experience with engineering design and installation of below ground septic tank solutions. The key design element of poly septic tanks for below ground use is the resistance to compression buckling or pressure from the outside in. This is opposite to above ground tanks where the pressure is from the inside out. The key design element is the tensile strength of the material. To resist buckling, below ground tanks have a thicker wall and are typically spherical in shape with light ribbing, or non-spherical (loaf shape) with heavy ribbing. The small flat triangular ribbing design of our SuperTanks holds the stresses in-line with the flat surfaces which result in a profile that resists pressure equally from the top, the sides, and the ends of the tank. No others tank design can claim this.

Each plastic septic tank is delivered to you completely ready for service.

  • Inlet and outlet connections are pre-plumbed for 4” sewer pipe.
  • Two chamber dividing walls, when required, are also installed.
  • No water ballast is required during the installation process.
  • Polyethylene septic tanks are molded in all one piece and are totally watertight from the factory.
  • Access openings can accommodate various styles of riser pipe.

Be sure to read the Installation Instructions and return the warranty card provided with each tank.


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