D.P. – Quadra Is., BC

Hi John, I wanted to write a thank you for the support you have given me. I’ve pulled the plug on my business after 40 years but I want to acknowledge those that have helped me along the way, you being one of them. It was a pleasure finding you. I thought you went above and beyond in support for my business and I really appreciate your help.

D.B. – Coldstream, BC

John Richardson

Attached is your document showing your numbers and my spreadsheet numbers – very close.

Shows that we both are right – I do it on paper and you did on site tests.


T.S. – Winlaw, BC


Nice Job on the GRAVITY-2017-Gravity-Powered-Pressure-Dosing-Calculator-for-Septic-Fields-2017-Revised

Super easy. Thanks

P.J. – South Slocan, BC

“I just want to say I am impressed by the strength of this tank and will continue to use Premier Plastics tanks for my septic installation. Please continue making them tough.”

D.R. – Kaslo, BC

“Thanks so much for your rapid follow up- that’s why we follow Premier Plastics.”

P.J. – South Slocan, BC

“I continue to spec your septic tanks and Flout tanks as they are ‘bombproof’. I recently designed a system for a new gas station / convenience store using 3 of your septic tanks plus a FLT380 dosing tank.”

E.G. – Kodiak, AK

“I have been using your tanks on Kodiak Island for a number of years and have not seen any better tank on the market.”

D.H. – Crawford Bay, BC

“Much appreciated are your quality tanks”

D.B. – Kelowna, BC

“Thank you so much for the great customer service this year.”

D.B. – Kelowna, BC

T.S. – Winlaw, BC

“Thanks for your great products and support. Love those tanks. Keep up the great work.”