Advanced Enviro-Septic Treatment System 04/12/2019


Stocking distributor of Advanced Enviro-Septic Type 2 treatment pipe by Presby Environmental.

This system, certified by NSF and BNQ, is totally passive requiring no pumps, controls or any power. We even have a mechanical dose counter option installed in a small floating outlet (Flout) dosing tank which also needs no power or batteries.

The system requires a pre-tank sized to 1.5x the daily flow. The 12″ dia. x 10 ft. pipe lengths and end caps snap together with no tools required. See Enviro Septic tri-fold Brochure, EnviroSeptic Overview & schematic attachment.

See Technical Resources – Download Centre for a complete design and installation guideline and more info on our Septic Accessories page.

Designer, Installer Guide for British Columbia (41 pages)

User Guide

Installing these systems requires factory certification which can be obtained online through Presby University.

Come by our plant and check them out.